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Chicken Zviago Recipe From The Butchers Block

Recipe Ingredients

4 chicken fillets- ask for them to be sliced into thin strips
I teaspoon dried mixed herbs
3/4 pint chicken stock
I onion diced finely
100g button mushrooms finely chopped
6 tablespoons plain flour (approx may need little more)
Knob butter
240ml double cream
200ml white wine
Salt and freshly milled black pepper


Rub chicken strips in bowl with plain flour -toss till all lightly coated, add little more flour if needed In large non stick frying pan or wok add butter and gently pan fry chicken for a few minutes on medium heat till started to change colour Add onion and continue to gently fry, add white wine and stir - keep stirring and allow to reduce a little Add chicken stock and mushrooms and dried herbs Season with salt and pepper Transfer to casserole dish and cover Place oven hot oven 200c fan for 45 minutes Remove and stir add double cream stirring well time Place back in oven but do not cover now for 20 minutes Check piping hot Serve with rice

This recipe is made using Chicken Fillets- 1kg Pack

Great and versatile for family meals, just ask for diced or sliced.


*Item sold in 1kg packs.