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Conversions and Weights

Weight Conversions and Cooking Charts

Metric to Imperial Conversion Chart

Not sure of your pounds and ounces? Here’s a handy chart to help you convert into grams or vica-versa.

Weight (Grams) (Pounds/Ounces)
10g 0.25oz
25g 1oz
50g 1.75oz
75g 2.75oz
100g 3.5oz
150g 5.5oz
175g 6oz
200g 7oz
225g 8oz
250g 9oz
275g 9.75oz
300g 10.50z
350g 12oz
375g 13oz
400g 14oz
425g 15oz
450g 1Ib
500g 1Ib 2oz
700g 1Ib 8oz
750g 1Ib 10oz
1kg 2Ib 3oz
2kg 4Ib 6ox

Turkey Cooking Chart

Weight Roasting Time Resting Time Serves
3kg (6Ib) 1¾-2 hrs Up to 60mins 4-6
4kg (8Ib) 2-2¼ hrs Up to 60mins 6
5kg (10Ib) 2¼-2½ hrs Up to 60mins 8
6kg (12Ib) 2½-2¾ hrs Up to 60mins 8
7kg (14Ib) 2¾-3 hrs Up to 60mins 8-10
9kg (18Ib) 3½-4 hrs Up to 60mins 10-14
11kg (22Ib) 4½ hrs Up to 60mins 12-16